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 This set comprises SIXTEEN entertaining games with which to test and tease your guests over the mints and coffee. On the CD are ten terrific rounds of audio fun whilst on the cards youíll find six more Ďtraditionalí games. Games include: FOOD & DRINK ~ A cornucopia of culinary trivia questions! PLAYS & NOVELS ~ Characters from famous plays & novels to identify 8 PíS IN A G ~ For what do the initials stand in the mystery phrases? HOGWASH ~ Weird words and bizarre definitions for you to solve MOVIE MAYHEM ~ A challenging collection of celluloid posers CHARACTER COUPLETS ~ Find famous folk whose initials match the letter pairs QUOTABLE QUOTES ~ Match the quotation to the personality! BRAIN TEASERS ~ Cerebral conundrums for egg-heads to crack! WHO IN THE WORLD? ~ Guess the mystery person as the clues are read WHERE IN THE WORLD? ~ Guess where you are before itís too late! There are also six games featured on playing cards as follows: HUMM BUG ~ The hilarious tune-humming game CHARADES ~ A great version of this family favourite TOPIX ~ One topic, one letter... name as many examples as you can! CABOODLE ~ Be the last to play out your cards! TENSION ~ A subject and 10 examples ~ can you guess what they are? TALL TALES ~ The shaggy-dog-story-telling game Includes: Audio CD, Card Deck, Answer Booklet & Score Pad 2+ Players Ages 14+


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