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Spot the Intro DVD Edition

 The greatest music game – on DVD Squeeze some extra fun out of your DVD player! Spot the intro is the crazily addictive quiz game in which you compete to recognise famous songs from umpteen clips of music! Instantly ready to play, this DVD comes crammed with a thousand memorable tunes. Covering the greatest, the craziest and the catchiest hit tunes from the last 50 years…plus Musicals, TV and Film themes and some fantastic Classical music too….there’s literally something for everyone. Ready to play at the press of a button, this musical extravaganza is enhanced still further by picture rounds in which you have to name the bands, the singers and the musician. It’s a great team game since everybody gets a chance to take part at the same time, trying to recall where they’ve heard the tunes or seen the face before! Instant fun from the moment that you ‘play’, this DVD game will amuse, tantalise, inform and thrill in equal measure! Contents : DVD (with over 2,000 clips of music and pop-artist pictures), score pad with master & team score sheets, answer rule book, pencils, flip-score charts


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