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Wildlife DVD Trivia Board Game

 Wildlife is the first DVD board game that combines the magic of animal footage with the fun that comes with playing a game together. Wildlife is the only true DVD board game about the wild animals in the Serengeti wildlife park. Watch over 200 magnificent film clips of lions, elephants, buffalos, giraffes, zebras, rhinoceroses, cheetahs and many more animals in their natural environment. How many vertebrae are there in the giraffe's neck and how loudly does a lion roar? You may think you know the right answer to some of the trivia questions based on each film clip, or you may have to guess - but either way you will be learning as you play! Every time you answer correctly you receive an animal card as a reward, which you use to move around the board. If you play your cards right, then you can be the first to spot the 'Big Five' and win the game. But watch out, because the other players will try to stop or overtake you in their 'off road' vehicles. Go on safari, learn, spot the 'Big Five' and win! In 2006, Wildlife DVD Board Game won the Toy of the Year election in The Netherlands. On January 25, 2007 the game was also named winner of the International Toy Award 2007, a very prestigious award for innovative ideas. Contents 2 DVDs, Game Board, 4 'off-road' vehicles, Answer discs, Reward cards, Rules. For Ages 8+ For 2-4 Players 8yrs+ 2-4 players


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