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80's Pop Culture Quiz Night DVD Game


hosted by Suggs

Relive the Fashion, Events, Movies, TV Shows, Music and People!
Grab your leg warmers and some friends and put your "80's trivia knowledge to the test in the DVD Quiz Game hosted by the one and only Suggs, lead singer of Madness.

With eight different categories containing hundreds of questions, pictures and video clips, it's the only 80's DVD game that's totally awesome dude!
Grab your DVD remote, split into two teams and let the fun begin. It's the player or team that reaches the points total first that wins the game, but of course it's never that easy!

Each team gets its own set of gambles for each game. Used well, these gambles could help propel a team to a winning position, but be warned as you can only use a gamble once in every game! And don't worry about scoring as the DVD will do it all for you.

So what are you waiting for? Jump into your C5, grab some hair gel and get ready to join Suggs and party like it was 1999!

* Three different game lengths

* Eight different categories

* Plus multiple player's gambles!


1 Interactive DVD,

1 How to Play


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