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Big Brain Academy Board Game

  This new fun and educational team board game is based on the original best-selling Nintendo DS title! Which team has the biggest brain? Speed and accuracy count when answering questions at the Big Brain Academy! Its simple, all you have to do is answer as many questions as possible in 30 seconds! Test your smarts over 5 categories: Analyze (be more reasonable) Memorize (bank on a bigger memory) Identify (observe, detect and recognise) Think (exercise your logic muscles) Compute (speed up your calculator) How to Win: Teams collect chips based on the number of questions they answer correctly. After five rounds of play, teams weigh their chips on the 'brain-o-meter' to see which team has the biggest brain. In this game, brain weight does matter! Box Contains: 330 Cards Spinner Scale Puzzle Pieces Scoring Chips Red Revealer Sand Timer Dry Erase Pen Instructions For ages 8 and up.


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