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Colorado Bones and the Temple of Death (Download Game)

Colorado and the Temple of Death

Colorado Bones and the Temple of Death (8, 9 or 10 players)

The year is 1935 and in the steamy jungles of Guatemala a thrilling race is on. Rival archaeologists, Colorado Bones and Art E. Fax, have been getting closer to the hidden location of Chubbychuppa.

The story of Chubbychuppa is described in the Hamburg Codex, an ancient Mayan document only recently deciphered. Ownership of the statue is said to give enormous powers to the owner. However the Codex also warns that to seek the statue without a true heart will be fatal.

Who will win the race for the statue and will the winner and loser survive.

Tikal Tuesday
Have translated codex stop. Know C’ s location Have invited others as could be dangerous stop. Will do best to obtain C for you stop. Depends if Germans or locals get there first stop. Returning Friday will expect funds ready in cash stop AEF


Your fellow treasure hunters will include::

COLORADO BONES -  Archaeologist
TARA CRAFT -  Colorado’s girlfriend
HARRY GLYPHIC -   University Lecturer
CRYSTAL SKUL -  Mayan Expert
SETT VON TRAP   -   Military Collector
ANN O’D0MIN -   Historian
ED MANN -   Local Tribesman
DEE CAPITATED -   Tomb Trap Expert
DOUG DEEP -    Australian Archaeologist
CONCILA MUNEZ  - Local Government Official

Download sample of Colorado Bones

The Colorado Bones Poster is offered below as a free download.

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Playing the game:

Colorado Bones and the Temple of Death is for 8, 9 or 10 players. These are 4F/4M, 5F/4M, 4F/5M, 5F/5M characters. The host is responsible for printing out and organising the documents for the game (Full instructions are provided).

Games usually take two and a half to three hours and are designed to be played around a meal or a buffet.

SUITABLE FOR TEENS TO ADULT. We feel the game contents are suitable for years 13+.

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