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Murder in Las Vegas (Boxed Game)

Murder in Las Vegas

Murder in Las Vegas, Murder Mystery Party (10 players, 5 female, 5 male)

This boxed game has been out of print for many years, we have very limited stock available.

Who Gambles With Murder?

It's the first anniversary of the launch of the multi-million dollar Sweaty Palms hotel and casino . Only a few hand picked guests are invited fo celebrate by the hotel's owner. Roland Ewynn. But during his big event, Roland is found dead, slumped over his office desk.

Host your own party to find out who cashed in Roland's chips!

Female suspects:

CANDI TASSLE - Showgirl (she shakes her booty to earn booty!)
SHERRY STRUNK - Cocktail Waitress (she’ll serve drinks and herself on the bar!)
BET BLACK - Pit Boss (give her a spin, you just might win!)
JEN EWYNN - Casino Hostess (Roland’s daughter does anything to keep the punters coming!)
SCARLET O’DEARA - Hollywood Starlet (quite frankly, she doesn’t give a damn!)

Male suspects:

AL SHUKUP - Elvis Impersonator (he’s a hunk a hunk of burning love!)
CHIP LEADER - Poker Ace (he’ll flip you on the turn and take you down the river!)
SHEIK ALEG - Arab Billionaire (a wife a day makes the sheik want to play!)
TOMMY GUNN - Mobster (he shoots first and asks questions later!)
HARRY HOU’DIDME - Stage Magician (he likes to disappear in a poof!)


Invitations to be sent to your guests.
Complete instructions on how to host the party.
Character profiles for all eight suspects.
Costume suggestions.
Menu suggestions.
Name Tags.
Solution to the murder.
Audio CD with original songs to play all through your party.
DVD with 4 scenes for you and your guests to enjoy.

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An excellent way to spend a role playing evening with friends.Each party takes 2-3 hours to play. They are filled with intrigue,suspense, humour and the fun of playing both detective and suspect. This game is designed to be played by 5 male and 5 female Charactors.

AGES 18 and over.

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