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Summond  A Supernatural Murder Mystery All Female (Download Game)

Summond A Supernatural Murder Mystery

Summond - A Supernatural Murder Mystery All Female  (For 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 players)

Lord Harbinger of Doom has spent many years as a demon slayer, fighting evil spirits who have crossed into the human world. He recently found an ancient spell in the Book of Evil which will allow him to actually summon evil spirits to earth. He has an unpleasant surprise waiting in the Dungeon for any evil spirits that answer his summons.

Join Lord Harbinger and his assistant Willie Survive as they prepare for possibly the last battle of their lives.

You have been summoned to the dungeon at Doom Castle by Lord Harbinger of Doom, the famous summoner and demon slayer. You are powerless to resist as his summoning spell is very strong. Who knows what the evening will hold.

Utine would travel the county with her mobile guillotine and persuade people to lie on the bench just to see what it would have been like to look up at the blade. She could then pull the lever and kill the poor victim. After conviction on 500 counts of murder it was decided that…


Joining Lord Harbinger in the dungeon at Doom Castle will be:

Willie Survive – Lord Harbinger’s niece and assistant
Dee Monn – Demon
V. R. Woolf – Werewolf
Countess Bathory – 16th Century Hungarian mass murderess
Countess Dracula – Vampire
Belladonna Erotica – 19th Century Italian murderess
Jill Utine – French executioner
Nefertiti – Egyptian Queen
Jacq the Ripper – Victorian mass murderer
Lucy Fur – Devil

Download sample of Summond All Female

Featuring an audio mp3 solution, (warning do not play until guests have made their accusations.

Download the Summoned mp3 solution All Female

All games come complete with full instructions, including:

Game Instructions
Costume Suggestions
Player Slips
Player Clues
Labels/Name tags

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Playing the game:

Summoned is for 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 players. Adult versions Aged 18+, and Teen versions Aged 13+. The host is responsible for printing out and organising the documents for the game (Full instructions are provided).

Games usually take two and a half to three hours and are designed to be played around a meal or a buffet.

SUITABLE FOR TEENS TO ADULT. We feel the game contents are suitable for years 18+.

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