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A Vintage Murder (Boxed Game)

A Vintage Murder

A Vintage Murder, Murder A Classic Detective murder mystery (6-8 players)

This Game has been out of print for many of years, we have very limited stocks available !

Enjoy a little murder with your dinner?

Everyone's a suspect when murder is on the menu. And with a Classic Detective Murder Mystery you have everything you need to serve up a perfect murder dinner party.First the invites, you choose which of your friends play which devious character. Then the shopping list, menu suggestions and recipes. Plus of course .....a really tasty murder to solve. We guarentee that it will be drop dead fun, and by the end of the evening one (or more) of the suspects, your 'friends' will be caught out as the murderer.

It is 1937 and you have been invited to wine and dine at the luxurious Chateau Deux Chevaux, home of one of Frances finest vineyards. But the promise of a sparkling evening is shattered when you discover that your host Anthony Burgess-Blunt,has been found dead in one of his own wine-vats.

One-or more-of the guests gathered around the table is responsible for his death. All have their own secrets and motives, but which one of you fermented the plot. It's up to you to find out...

The Guests are:

MARIE DE CHEVAL - Married to the murdered man, she inherits the fine Chateau that has been in the family for generations.
MAURICE DE CHEVAL - Marie's brother is a brilliant scientist working on a secret project for the government.
ORSON WHALES - The enfant terrible of Hollywood is in France researching his new film, to be entitled A Vintage Murder.
MARLENE DEEPDITCH - A wine merchant from Berlin she has long been a key business associate of the murdered man.
PHIL QUIMBY- A wine merchant supplying an exclusive English clientele.
PHIPPE PETROMANE - The estate manager at Chateau Deux Chevaux, he has been with the family since he was orphans in the Great war.
JILLY GOOLEY - A young Australian wine writer - her ambition is to become a top journalist and press baron.
WALLIS SIMPER - Bought up in South Africa, recently moved her interior design business to Paris and has been renovating the Chateau.


• Party Planner with game rules, recipes, music and decorating tips.
• Character booklets, including their roles, background information and a few tasty secrets.
• A place card for each character.
• Party invitations and envelopes for each character.
• Eight secret clues.
• CD with an introduction, scene setter, summary of events and solution to the crime.

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SUITABLE FOR TEENS TO ADULT. We feel the game contents are suitable for teenagers. Parents should examine the contents for suitability before allowing their children to play this game.

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