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A Backful of Bullets (Boxed Game)

A Backful of Bullets. A Wild Western Murder Mystery. (8-10 Players)

A Backful of Bullets - A Wild Western Murder Mystery. (8-10 Players)

This range of highly acclaimed murder mystery games feature famous faces and familiar places from the wonderful world of fact and fiction. With a magical mixture of powerful plots and terrific twists, cleverly concealed clues and side-splitting scripts, Ace Murder Mystery have created a classic range of murder mystery parties that are simply sensational!

The year is 1882; the American West has yet to be won, and one place engaged in the constant daily struggle is the dusty town of Tombstone, Arizona.

A booming mining town, its residents fall into two opposing camps: those looking to get rich quick - prospectors, ranchers and merchants, and those looking to get rich even quicker – thieves, card sharps, and gunmen. The long arm of the law has so far managed to keep these two conflicting sides far enough apart for the town to prosper, but, with the situation has recently spiraled alarmingly out of control and the town's future is now uncertain..

One thing never in doubt, though, is the notorious annual Tombstone poker tournament. Except to those invited, the 'high roller' guest list remains a closely guarded secret until the very evening of the game., despite intense public speculation. However, just hours before this year's game is due to start, the town is stunned to learn that one of the players, the outlaw Jesse James, has, been mercilessly gunned down in a room above the Crystal Palace Hotel.

You and your fellow tournament player guests are now caught up ia a winner takes all game of 'catch the killer', the stakes, for which, could not be higher!


WYATT EARP - The respected but aging sheriff of Tombstone - the recent crime wave has underminded his authority and his position now looks increasingly under threat.
CATTLE KATE - Owner of the South Starr Ranch, she's a well known and self made businesswoman, having risen from once humble roots, to leave her dim and distant past behind.
DOC HOLLIDAY - The current Mayor of Tombstone. A shrewd operater, his steely nerve razor sharp mind and poker face have earned him a fortune at cards.
POKER ALICE - Owner of the Tombstone hotel, she's a shrewd ex-saloon girl who's worked her way up from the bottom. Now spends her hard earned cash at the card table.
COLE YOUNGER - 'Wanted' bank robber and ruthless joint leader of the outlawed James - Younger gang. His brawn and Jesse's brains have proven a formidable combination.
BELLE STARR - Infamous woman outlaw and long time girlfriend of Jesse James, she's a fearless fatal femme who's robbed banks and held up trains, from Arizona to Virginia.
BILLY THE KID - The son of Jesse James and Belle Starr, he is his parents' creation = a trigger happy killer whose phenomenal speed on the draw is unmatched.
CALAMITY JANE -Feisty young daughter of Wyatt and Kate, she runs the OK Coral stables, but, like an untrained stallion, she can be very difficult to handle.
JACK DANIELS - Heavy drinking saloon barman, he hears most of what goes on in town, though his discretion can always be assurred... 'till late in the evening, at least!
BLAISE WEST - Classy singer at the Crystal Palace Saloon, she has many admirers but is either the subject for, or instigator of, much of the town's more salacious gossip.


This game is usually played over a three course dinner ('cocktail party' also works). Upon arrival guests are handed their booklets, which they will refer to during the evening, and each game employs the following format:

1. Short introductory round
2. Three rounds of scripted (1st or 2nd person) questions and answers.
3. Three short acting scenes (between each Q&A round)
4. Conclusions and nominations of suspects, before the murderer is revealed.

A narrative CD is supplied with each game (which is played, as directed, between rounds). events and solution to the crime.

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