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Power, Plots and Pistols (Boxed Game)

Power, Plots and Pistols

Power, Plots and Pistols - A Majestic Royal Murder Mystery (8-10 Players)

This range of highly acclaimed murder mystery games feature famous faces and familiar places from the wonderful world of fact and fiction. With a magical mixture of powerful plots and terrific twists, cleverly concealed clues and side-splitting scripts, Ace Murder Mystery have created a classic range of murder mystery parties that are simply sensational!

The year is 1649 and we find ourselves in King Charles I's England, a country torn apart by years of civil war and religious persecution.

One place the Grim Reaper is hard at work is the Manor of Buckingham, in the county of Buckinghamshire, where an unhealthy dose of the plague, and a spate of highway robberies, have seen the county become ever more isolated and close to ungovernable. Increasingly frail, Lord Henry Blacksnake's grip on power is slowly ebbing away, and the vultures are beginning to circle.

Struck down with a moderate case of the 'Black Death', Lord Henry has confined himself to his bedchamber, and now sees only his immediate family and personal servants, all of whom believe, with varying degrees of sadness, that the end must soon be near.

It is with complete shock then, that his freshly severed head and body are found in the darkness of the Great Hall of Buckingham Castle. The alarm is raised and the Night Watch immediately seals off all exits to the castle.

The next morning sees the coincidental arrival of 'Witchfinder General', Matthew Hopkins, who immediately assumes control and calls for a formal inquisition of all those found within the castle walls, some of whom we would expect to be there, and some of whom, we would not.

You and your guests must attend the Inquisition!


EDMUND BLACKSNAKE - Son and heir to the Blacksnake Lordship and manor. He has a well earned reputation for cruelty and a fondness for torture, and awaits his fathers passing with inpatience.
LADY BLACKSNAKE - Henry's third and current wife. A devout Catholic, she married for political convenience and any initial fondness she may have once felt, has long since disappeared.
DICK TURPIN -the original 'Dandy Highwayman' who they're to scared to mention. A 'ladies man' who spends most of hie ill gotten gains on wine, woman and song.
BLACK BESS -The most daring highwaywoman in England. She is known as the 'People's Champion', as she gives most of her takings to the downtrodden peasants.
CLAUDE DUVAL - 'Known as The Gallant Highwayman. His courteous manners, avoidance of vialence and fashionable attire, as earned him a reputation as a true 'gentleman of the road'.
MAID MARY-ANNE -Lady in waiting to Lady Blacksnake, she fulfiils her duties with diligence and receives only only her Ladyship's contempt in return. Yearns to break free from a life of servitude
OLIVER CROMLEY -The notoriously evil Sheriff of Buckingham. He works for Lord Blacksnake, though he seems to spend more time scheming with his deputies, than solving any crimes.
OLD MA SHIPTON - Almost nothing is known about her! No one knows who she is as they have never seen her before, or so they believe. She appears nervous and slightly confused.
SAMUEL PEPYS - A leading socialite and famous diarist. His entertaining accounts of the intrigues of C17th court have made him a much sort after dinner guest.
NELL GWEN - The most popular and famous actress in England. Originally from a humble background, She is a firm and comforting friend to King Charles 1, amongst others.


This game is usually played over a three course dinner ('cocktail party' also works). Upon arrival guests are handed their booklets, which they will refer to during the evening, and each game employs the following format:

1. Short introductory round
2. Three rounds of scripted (1st or 2nd person) questions and answers.
3. Three short acting scenes (between each Q&A round)
4. Conclusions and nominations of suspects, before the murderer is revealed.

A narrative CD is supplied with each game (which is played, as directed, between rounds). events and solution to the crime.

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