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A Taste of Transylville Terror (Boxed Game)

A Taste of Transylville Terror - A Haunting Halloween Murder Mystery. (8-10 Players

A Taste of Transylville Terror - A Haunting Halloween Murder Mystery. (8-10 Players)

This range of highly acclaimed murder mystery games feature famous faces and familiar places from the wonderful world of fact and fiction. With a magical mixture of powerful plots and terrific twists, cleverly concealed clues and side-splitting scripts, Ace Murder Mystery have created a classic range of murder mystery parties that are simply sensational!

The year is 1856, Transyville ia a remote market village situated in eastern Transylvania. Its inhabitants range from mainly agricultural laborers to landed aristocracy, but they share their village with several strange characters of a seemingly more sinister nature. The local murder rate is far higher than should be expected, but the lack of evidence at each new crime scene usually leaves the population bewildered, if not suspicious of their strange co-habitants, that is, you and your fellow guests.

Tonight you have been invited to celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of your friends Gomez and Morticia von Adums. However, the evening has been overshadowed by the death of the local beauty queen, Virginia Vestalata, who was pushed to her death from the village church bell-tower, only two days ago.

The local community is outraged and, as always, the finger is pointed at the 'usual suspects', most of those gathered here this evening, you amongst others, are a prime suspect, so..... collect the clues, examine the evidence, and catch our cold blooded killer!


GOMEZ VON ADUMS - Offbeat oddball and peculiar patriarch to a strange family, he likes to shock with the macabre and bizarre, but keeps one or two skeletons well locked away.
MORTICIA VON ADUMS - Mysterious matriarch to her beloved family of ghouls and eccentrics. Her calm exterior hides a ferocious temper and fondness for revenge.
COUNT DRACULA - Feared and almost immortal vampire who has lived for over 3000 years, in his darkly magnificent castle, by drinking the blood of others. BRIDE OF DRACULA - Vampish siren well into he 4th Century as Dracula's 7th and current wife. Her youthful appearance belies her years. but for how long?
FRANKENSTIEN'S MONSTER - 'Frightful creation who is rejected and unloved by both his cold-hearted father and an uncaring society. If he cannot inspire love - then he will instill fear.
KRUELLA LA DEVILLE -A mean, cruel and ruthless woman. she will lie, steal and double deal to get whatever she wants, and she doesn't care who gets hurt in the process.
DR. JEKYLL/MR. HYDE - Unknown but brilliant experimental scientist who wrestles with his increasingly dominant alter ego, a monstrously dominant villain.
WICKED WITCH - Reclusive spinster who revels in the misfortunes of others. Once an enchanting beauty. her looks now reflect her true personality; hard, bitter and green.
LURCHIO - Large, frightening but faithful manservant to the von Adums family. He may appear slow-witted but is actually very astute and the keeper of many secrets.
POISON IVY - An ex-botanist who is immune to poisons, she is now a criminally evil seductress. She wishes to avenge her beast friend Virginia's murder.


This game is usually played over a three course dinner ('cocktail party' also works). Upon arrival guests are handed their booklets, which they will refer to during the evening, and each game employs the following format:

1. Short introductory round
2. Three rounds of scripted (1st or 2nd person) questions and answers.
3. Three short acting scenes (between each Q&A round)
4. Conclusions and nominations of suspects, before the murderer is revealed.

A narrative CD is supplied with each game (which is played, as directed, between rounds). events and solution to the crime.

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